Friday, April 4, 2008

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Because of last week's debacle we have lost all of our sponsors and are in desperate need of financial support. So, if you have a business that you would like advertised to 24-35 year-old comedy nerds, please e-mail us at comicvsaudience AT gmail DOT com and "let's talk"!

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With that said, onwards to the links of the week, although we don't know the point of it is if we aren't getting paid...

Only two years since his last album, Marc Maron is recording another this weekend in Seattle. Here he is on Conan.

Jerry Seinfeld got in a car crash in the Hamptons. Insert your own "What's the deal with" joke here.

Will Ferrell takes his shirt off in his new movie, Step Brothers. Here's the trailer.

Mike Myers makes fun of a midget in his new movie, The Love Guru. Here's an early review and the trailer

A Chris Farley biography will be released May 6th.

Amy Poehler interviewed by the A.V. Club.

Ray Romano may be back on TV, this time in his drama "Men of a Certain Age" for TNT.

Bob Odenkirk, Paul F. Tompkins, Jay Johnston, Matt Besser and more read from Comedy By The Numbers at the UCB-LA for an audiobook version so that you can be funny even if you can't read. And, The Sound of Young America recently interviewed the authors.

Jens Hannemann drum sticks will be on sale soon through Drag City Records.

Oh golly did (pretty good search engine, check it out) get us all with their April Fools joke this year in the C vs. A office! Boy did we look like a "fool"! Other great pranks included the "cracked computer screen" and the "upside-down computer screen" which each take about three seconds to realize are jokes and remind you that your co-workers are kind of boring. Seriously, a pie in the face would be funnier than these.

The Bruno movie has so far danced in the Wichita, Kansas airport and interviewed Ben Affleck

An interview with Andy Kindler.

Joe Rogan is at Helium this week and Temple News have an interview.

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Little Face said...

I like this joke! Good use of the "debacle."