Thursday, July 31, 2008

VIDEO: Ministry of Secret Jokes Instructional Video #2: How To Keep A Secret

The Ministry of Secret Jokes self-help series continues with Instructional Video #2: How To Keep A Secret. This was originally shown at last night's Ministry of Secret Jokes live show at Fergie's Pub, hosted by Doogie Horner.

WARNING: This video is Not Safe For Work and contains some graphic nature, so people with queasy stomachs beware!

Last month at the live show at Fergie's Pub, we learned how to dress mysteriously.


Anonymous said...

Is that the official door creak of the MOSJ?

Flattop said...

This video made me throw up and laugh at the same time.

Brian said...

Awesome show last night and a really great crowd. It was my first time to the MOSJ and I had a blast. Can't wait for next month.

Eric said...

im so pissed that I couldnt make it. That video was amazing. Doogie is all about Bob Hope movies