Thursday, November 13, 2008

TONIGHT: The Philadelphia Improv Festival Kicks Off

The 2008 Philadelphia Improv Festival kicks off tonight with a full slate of 13 groups over four shows. Earlier we interviewed the three producers of the fest and below is a sneak peek at the first night. Advance tickets can be bought on the PHIF website

Illegal Refill: Local favorites quickly becoming a household name. We filmed a set of theirs at the Shubin Theatre a few months ago.
Angry People Building Things: Another local group that were Cagematch champs this spring into the summer.
Unexpected Company: This 13-member outfit hailing from Warwick, Rhode Island has been called the tiny state's "Best Comedy Troupe".

Safeword: Safeword is an improv troupe in Baltimore, MD, founded in March 2007 for the Washington Improv Theater’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST) that stayed together after the battles.
Vacation Island: NYC's Peoples Improv Theater's newest house team
Galapagos: Straight outta Phoenix, Arizona!

The N Crowd: One of Philadelphia's strongest and most established groups.
Tongue & Groove: Local group recently featured in the PW.
Marjean: Straight outta Cambridge, Massachusetts!

Cubed: "Mark and Dan share a lot with each other. They share hopes. They share dreams. They share fears. They share a common 4 x 5 walled partition."
Mr. Licorice: From the Baltimore Improv Group (BIG).
Self Image: NYC group started by PHIF co-founder Michael McFarland.
Sidecar: New York group that also does sketch!

Check back tomorrow for a summary of Friday's shows.

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