Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LOCAL COMEDY NEWS: Monthly show Die, Actor, Die ending next week

The Die, Actor, Die comedy show at The Khyber, hosted by Don Montrey, has been a staple of the "alt-comedy" scene in Philadelphia for the last two years. Actually, that isn't quite accurate because when the show began in December of 2006, there weren't many alt-comedy shows like there are today. Throughout the show's reign, it connected sketch, stand-up and other aspects of the local comedy community under one roof.

So it is with some sadness that we report that Don will host the last Die, Actor, Die show this upcoming Monday. For Don, there are a few reasons why he decided to end the show: "burn out, a desire to try new things, home life."

"I am going to be a Daddy again in April and I will need as much free time as possible before, during and after," Don says.

Don's got other comedy plans of course. He'll be working with the 1812 Productions again in the future and hopes to direct more sketch groups (he directed Meg & Rob's Fringe show this past summer). And of course he hopes to perform as much as possible on other shows. (We interviewed Mr. Montrey in June of this year)

"I met so many great and funny people at the show; people who I admire and respect and who are just so damned funny. I feel very fortunate to know all of them and it was all through DIE ACTOR DIE. It's pretty cool when you create something with a point of view that draws like-minded people out of the woodwork. It was a cool place to network as comedians; I really dug that."

The last show will feature performances by Doogie Horner, Chip Chantry, Pat House, Gregg Gethard, Rowan & Hastings, Dave Jadico, and Alex Bechtel plus a few surprises. And it's free (the show is usually $5)! "Call it a Christmas/Hannukah/Thank You present," says Don.

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Anonymous said...

I've said it a few thousand times by now but without Die Actor Die, and without Don, our burgeoning little scene wouldn't have become what it has.

I'm super thrilled to be able to do something at the final show. I hope I can only do DAD the justice it deserves.