Friday, December 19, 2008

NEW YEARS' EVE: The Ministry of Secret Jokes

Are you like us and just waiting for this Christmas thing to end so that all concentration can be on New Years' Eve? If that's the case, perhaps you'll be interested in a very special installment of the Ministry of Secret Jokes. Sez host Doogie Horner:

The Ministry of Secret Jokes New Years Eve Show has moved from Nexus Gallery to Connie's Ric Rac. Why? Honestly, Nexus was concerned that our party would be so insane that we would tear the building to the ground.


NOT A PROBLEM. We're doing the show at Connie's. Connie's Ric Rac is an awesome venue in the Italian Market located at 1132 s. 9th St., half a block South of Washington St. on 9th St., and extremely close to Pats and Geno's, which means New Years Eve cheesesteaks are assured. It holds over a hundred people, and they have a good stage, sound system, and porn in the bathrooms.

Doogie also sent along an additional image "which holds the key to one of the fabled 'secret jokes.' If you stare at the picture for ten minutes, then stare directly into a solar eclipse, you can read the joke on the back of your eyelids." So have fun with that.


Flattop said...

Holy shit, that magic picture thing totally works!

The Blank said...

I remember the last Ministry, when fifty people died from laughing so much that their eyeballs ruptured. I can see why Nexus would be nervous.