Thursday, February 12, 2009

TONIGHT: The debut of DELOCATED on Adult Swim

Tonight at at 10:30 PM, Adult Swim debuts Delocated from Jon Glaser. Who is Jon Glaser? Well if you don't know already, you'll know his work. He was a writer on over 400 episodes of Late Night with Conan O' Brien, was the man behind Detroit Octane, Soundtrackappella, and has worked on a bunch of other great shows. Here's what the show is about:

After testifying against the Russian Mafia, "Jon" and his family are uprooted and decide to live undercover in a sweet loft in New York City. But rather than live quietly through a witness protection program, "Jon" convinces his family to become ski-masked reality stars and have their adventures chronicled for television audiences.
Also, as seen in this trailer, Eugene Mirman plays a stand-up comic hit man (with a Russian accent, it seems) that's trying to kill "Jon" and his family.

And Videogum has a few clips:

Just watching people with ski masks talking through vocal harmonizers is funny enough for me. Watch this show!

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faceless said...

thanks for the info - I'll keep an eye out for it.

I've got a fair amount of full standup shows to watch on my site (mainly British) check them here: