Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TONIGHT: The Ministry of Secret Jokes

It's the last Wednesday of the month and that's means it's time for another installment of Doogie Horner's MINISTRY OF SECRET JOKES at Fergie's Pub (1214 Sansom St.). The show starts at an earlier time of 8PM and will include stand-up by Steve Odabashian, Amir Gollan, Steve Balbier, and Doogie Horner. Omniana champion Brendan Kennedy will defend his title against a mystery challenger and comics Pat Barker and Steve "The Iceman" Gerben will play a diabolical game of "The Ruby Hats of Death" that Barker conceived himself and debuted at the previous show. According to Doogie:
However, just like Frankenstein's monster, Pat has discovered his creation is an unholy monster that doesn't always obey its master. The Ruby Hats of Death is one of the most difficult, punishing games every played at the Ministry, and although Pat escaped with his life last time, it's uncertain whether he'll be able to do so again tonight. How Steve will fare is an uncertainty. Has the balmy California climate and easy, West Coast way of life prepared him to face off against Barker's split second comedic timing and razor sharp teeth?
The two have history. This battle can be seen as a rematch of sorts, as Barker and Gerben clashed during Omniana last May:


Aaron Hertzog said...

I'm glad that Steve Gerbens nickname "The Iceman" is going mainstream.

pruneface said...

I heard that Fergie's has doubled their catastrophe insurance in anticipation of this colossal match of Titans. They may literally bring the house down.

Chiiiiiiiiiiiip said...

I understand these two powerhouses are being sponsored for the event.

Based on their clothing last night, Barker has Foot Locker backing him, and Gerben is being sponsored by Wet Seal.