Thursday, March 26, 2009

PODCAST: The Potential Podcast with Chip Chantry, Aaron Hertzog and Dave Walk

The Potential Podcast w/ Chip Chantry, Aaron Hertzog and Dave Walk

There will be no C vs. A Radio Hour on G-Town Radio tonight, but today we've got a special podcast to keep you sedated.

A few weeks ago, Chip Chantry, Aaron Hertzog and Dave Walk got together to record a podcast of random discussion and ideas. The Potential Podcast is the final results in which the guys talk about comedy, Teen Wolf and tons of other things.

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This Friday and Saturday March 27th and 28th, Chip will be performing with Doogie Horner in the BIG TABASCO show at the Shubin Theatre at 10PM.


Luke Giordano said...

I really enjoyed this. You should do more podcasts in this format.

Pruneface said...

This podcast was great. I loved the rambling, conversational style. I wish Chip was this funny in real life.

Chip said...

For those listeners wondering: YES, I looked very handsome when we recorded this.