Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rooftop College competition next Tuesday

For some, college is a time to decide and study what you want to do with the rest of your life. For others, well, a bevy of things. Perhaps a handful want to be comedians and the Rooftopcomedy.com College Competition may be their chance to shine.

Held at Helium Comedy Club (2031 Sansom) this evening, the battle will pit scrappy state school Temple (Steve D'Agostino, Matthew D'Avella, Greg Forster, Greg Herzog, Nathan Jaiyeola, Rudy Mezzy, Aaron Miller, Stephen Sudia and Angela Porzio) vs. brainy Ivy League University of Pennsylvania (David Agyekum, Zachary Bell, Brian Brauntuch, Alex Livingston, Naima Pearce, Josh Rabinowitz, Marisa Riley, Joseph Romito, and David Jahnke).

Through a series of live on-campus and comedy club events and online elimination rounds, audiences will decide which comedy teams head to the National Finals in Aspen, Colorado.

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