Friday, October 19, 2007

Domain Names are hilarious!

Hmm, so what else is in the news today? Oh yes, Comic Vs. Audience has a legit domain name!

From now on you can type in to access this site. Or feel free to bookmark it or subscribe to the feed as that would make it so much easier. And don't forget to tell your friends!

Sorry there haven't been much in the way of real updates this week, long hours at work + AL baseball playoffs = not a lot of free time. But, there will be TONS of great stuff coming out, starting next week.


Anonymous said...

ALCS, huh? Who are you rooting for? I was for the Sox, but since they're no longer the 'cute, lovable losers' (see Cubbies) and their payroll is like 3x's my MN Twins', I have to switch to the Tribe. That, and they haven't won the World Series since 1948, second longest to the Cubs. Red Sox just had a winner not too long ago. They can wait some more (Not as long as before, though...)


d said...

Indians. My parents are from The Cleve and I grew up close enough that all of the games were on TV.

I'm not looking forward to tonight, but I can't miss it either.

Anonymous said...

Figures. The MOMENT I think it would be good for the Tribe to get to and win the WS, they CHOKE a 3-1 lead! If I wanted that kind of pain, I'd still be a Phillies fan! (oh wait, I am)

Never mind.