Monday, October 22, 2007

VIDEO: Jonah Ray and the (Still) Born in the USA Comedy Tour

Something about this night was off. I decided to interview L.A.-based Jonah Ray in the ATM lobby of a Citizens Bank near The Khyber where there's a lot of red light and echo. Certainly not the best place to film someone. Then, only about ten people showed up for the show, which is pretty much a downer. Not to mention very depressing. A lot of beer was consumed (sorry for the shaky camera), but everyone made it through their sets alive. Along with the guys on the tour- Sean O'Connor, Nick Maritato and Andrew Wright- there were some local comics with potential. Overall it was a night of some good, young comedy talent there from L.A., Philadelphia, New Jersey and Brooklyn, even if no one was there.

(Click the post to play video)

More from Jonah Ray later in the week!

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