Friday, August 15, 2008

Philly's Phunniest Contest, 8/14

It took ten shows over two weeks, but we are through the preliminary round of the Philly's Phunniest Contest at the Helium Comedy Club. Somewhere around 150 comedians took the stage, ranging from folks trying stand-up for the first time to seasoned veterans. We'd be lying if we said that every comic was funny- some got more groans than laughs, or nothing at all- but a lot of local talent has been displayed in the contest so far.

Tonight was a good example of that talent with a lineup packed of good comics that could've gone deep into the competition, But alas, with four cancellations, only two would be going on to the next round.

Chip Chantry started the show off with a bang with a finely tuned set that kept the crowd going. But is it enough for him to move on? The audience is the decider as they have been for all the shows, and it has been difficult for early performers to move on.

A few comics later, Derek Gaines put together an electrifying set that had the crowd going throughout. That's going to be hard to beat.

Doogie Horner followed and kept the crowd on its toes with off-kilter subjects that like lost keys, pigs, soul singers, optimists and other things. If you told you any more, we'd be giving away the jokes.

The crowd really liked Chris Schotterer as he talked about living with his German immigrant father into his 20s, Sam's Club, and Ikea. Another solid set, this night is really tough.

Steve Obadashian is pianist that performs a few nights a week at the piano bar Cascamorto. After a quick keyboard setup, he became the first performer in the contest to do songs.

John Kensil closed it all out with rapid-fire jokes that the crowd loved. Man, only two comics will move on from this night?

After the dust cleared and all of the audience's votes were in, Chip Chantry and Derek Gaines will be advancing on to the next round.

The competition only gets fiercer now over the two semi-finals shows tonight. Below are the lineups (NOTE: this is not the correct order):

Jason Schneider
Andy Nolan
Brendan Kennedy
Julie Smith
Richie Redding
Pat Barker
Amir Gollan
Justin Hagerman
Sidney Gantt
Kent Haines
Mark Normand
Chip Chantry
Ryan Carey

Tommy Papa
Conrad Roth
Monroe Martin
Blake Wexler
Nolan Gilbride
Larry XL
Kevin Quigg
Jonathan Graham
Roger Weaver
Derek Gaines
John Knefel
Laurence Mullaney
Mike Drucker

Check back tomorrow as we'll have results from the semi-finals shows.

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steve odabashian said...

I hate Mexicans/Animals/my wife doesn't wash her ass guy got so robbed.

What was with the piano player with right hand Parkinson's disease?!?

Great show.

We lived up to the Murderer's Row billing. Even with last second injuries to Corn Flakes, Biker Hulk Hogan, Mintz and the other no-show.

pat barker said...

I hope Corn Flakes didn't fall victim to a cereal killer, LOL, AM I RIGHT FELLAS?!

Congrats to both of these guys. Tonight's semifinals are going to be ridiculous.

steve odabashian said...

The Corn Flakes drama was awesome. I like the way we all banded together to go out into Rittenhouse Square to recruit any random homeless guy to pretend to be "Corn Flakes" and just get on stage and talk.

But, the plan would have backfired, and faux Flakes would have killed and become the 3rd semifinalist.

Faux Flakes gets off stage, and I start choking him (a la "Homer and Bart Simpson), yelling, "you were just supposed to read the ingredients and the RDAs off the box!!!"

Next year, the rule is if you are a one-named or food-named comedian (I'm looking at you Dizz, Mintz, Corn Flakes, Baron Von FROG (French delicacy), you have to post a $5000 bond to compete).

Pre-party tonight at the piano bar from 5 til 8:30. says me.